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Trade & FSC Management


Trade financing is available for buyers and suppliers in all the phases and processes in the supply chain as the figure below shows: Financing the Supply Chain Source: Paul Robinson, HSBC There are…

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Payments - Receipts

Seven tips for a happier financial supply chain

The relationship between supplier and buyer is a delicate balance involving trust and transparency. What can suppliers do to ensure their goods and services are paid for on time?

Trade & FSC Management

Tradeshift provides window into the supply chain

Tradeshift Risk, a platform that works a lot like LinkedIn, provides data from internal and external sources on suppliers in the supply chain, helping companies keep an eye on their counterparties.

Trade & FSC Management

ICC launches global committee for export finance

The International Chamber of Commerce has set up an export finance working group to develop a global community that will help banks adopt a common global approach to export finance.

Trade & FSC Management

The ultimate guide to supplier financing

Financing to ensure a sufficient cash supply is fundamental for every business. This guide looks at the development of financing techniques and how to find the ideal solution.