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Trade & FSC Management


Trade financing is available for buyers and suppliers in all the phases and processes in the supply chain as the figure below shows: Financing the Supply Chain Source: Paul Robinson, HSBC There are…

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Trade & FSC Management

AFP to provide counter-party risk data

AFP in partnership Thomson Reuters is to provide access to selected companies to evaluate their creditworthiness and to identify emerging trends in counterparty credit risk. AFP members can now

Trade & FSC Management

Letter of Credit usage in Bangladesh grew118% in 2012

According to SWIFT data tracking MT700 - code for LC - messages, which includes the value of transactions, increased 118% in 2012, compared with 2011. Furthermore, import messages increased by 42% over same period,

Trade & FSC Management

Major change in balance of global trade in 2012

Trade between emerging markets accounted for more than 50% of global trade volumes for the first time in 2012, AND China overtook the US as the world's biggest trading nation.