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Treasury Technology


There are five basic activities in every corporate treasury department: processing and administration, transaction execution, decision making, strategic business initiatives and setting corporate…

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Treasury Technology

2 in 3 CFOs satisfied with outcome of automation

Automation is set to bring more efficiencies to treasury: CFOs this year will prioritise the three key areas of visual analytics reporting, upgrading technology and developing professional skills

Treasury Technology

Benefits and risks of automating finance & accounting

More than half of organisations are planning to improve their digital controls and improve financial and accounting processes with automation, analytics and other technologies this year


Who is responsible when analytics go wrong?

The financial function is set to rely increasingly on artificial intelligence and automation in the coming years – but whose fault is it when the machines get it wrong?

Treasury Technology

Future of TMS implementations: by 2019 will take two days

by Tom Leitch, Chief Operating Officer, TreasuryXpress

Tom Leitch, COO, TreasuryXpress reviews standard implementation methods and how they are being replaced by modern models which now install TMS solutions in two weeks, and, by 2019, will take two days.

Treasury Technology

How much are finance professionals worth in 2018?

The Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide gives parameters of some of the typical salaries for financial professionals – but remuneration also depends on key skills, which need to adapt to digitalisation

Treasury Technology

The modernization of treasury management solutions

by Tom Leitch, Chief Operating Officer, TreasuryXpress

Tom Leitch explains how treasury needs latest technology to reduce costs and cut implementation times dramatically

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting

One giant leap for AI: the implications for finance

Google has announced another major step forwards for automated machine-learning technology – is this just more AI hype or are we closer to more automation in the workplace?