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Corporate treasurers: Think like a CEO to improve your users’ experience

Corporate treasurers are just like any businessman, they live and die through their customers - the users of their services. The savviest are asking, “What do my customers want?” because they understand that how their department delivers is as important as what it delivers. The reputation and co-operation that their department receives depend on improving the customer experience, e.g. the controls can be easy or difficult to comply with.

Improving your customer’s experience

The McKinsey August 2016 Executive briefing article The CEO guide to customer experience, looks at the fundamentals of customer interaction as well as the steps necessary to redesign the business in a more customer-centric fashion and to organize it for optimal business outcomes. 

See the infographic below for a quick look at how to improve your users’ experience:

Source & Copyright©2016 - McKinsey&Company  

This may seem OTT, but first consider these questions:

  • do you understand the interaction with your department through your users’ eyes?
  • have you quantified what matters to your users?
  • have you defined a clear customer-experience and what is your common purpose?
  • do you need to redesign your department’s service offerings “from the customer back”?
  • do you log (and publicise) your wins to demonstrate value creation?


The article concludes, “Delighting customers by mastering the concept and execution of an exceptionally good customer experience is a challenge. But it is an essential requirement for leading in an environment where customers wield growing power.”

CTMfile take: Think on.

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