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CTMcast - 12 March 2020: Review of key recent posts and more on Coronavirus crisis

Key timing points
0:48 Cash flow forecasting: dynamics and differences between SMEs and large MNCs
6:22 Greenwich Associates research on the changing perspectives of treasury department
6:54 - No. 1 driver: improve corporate treasury department connectivity
8:45 - Problem of setting corporate treasury department budgets
11:48 Trade standards development by Swift and the ICC
19:48 Impact of COVID-19 on corporate treasury department
20:48 - Nicolas Christiaen’s recommendations
23:34 - Ben Poole’s concerns about security of working at home
25:29 Closing comments: stay awake and be well.

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Jack, Ben and Nicolas Christiaen, CEO, Cashforce discussed:
    1.    How cash flow forecasting varies between SMEs and large MNCs
    2.    Greenwich Research Associates survey on the corporate treasury departments’ changing perspectives and how they set their technology budgets
    3.    Global trade standards development on Swift and by the International Chamber of Commerce  
    4.    What to do about the growing impact of COVID-19 crisis on corporate treasury and the corporate treasury department.

Important lessons from Cashforce about cash flow forecasting dynamics and the security concerns about working at home.

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