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e-Identity 01: the Basics

Identity in today’s global digital market in which there are no barriers on the Internet by country, by interest grooups or by products, it is vital that we know who we are talking to/interacting with because  we just don’t know who is on the other end of the Internet, as Peter Steiner brilliant cartoon in 1993 for The New Yorker showed:

Source & Copyright©1993 The New Yorker

The discussion with John Bullard, one of the foremost experts in e-Identity, reviewed:

  • what e-Identity really means
  • the existing e-Identity solutions 
  • why e-Identity is vital for banks, governments and companies in making business transactions efficient and secure.

This first e-Identity WEBchat sets the scene for the second on how to achieve a Global Trust Network.

CTMfile take: e-Identity is already critical for all sorts of businesses, governments, and applications. The only complete solution is an e-Identity that works globally in all countries, businesses and applications. How can John’s dream be achieved? Listen to the next WEBchat in the e-Identity series.

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