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Gresham and AccessPay partnership boosts Clareti Multi Bank services

Gresham Technologies has announced a partnership with AccessPay, enhancing its Clareti Multi Bank cloud-based solution with connectivity to AccessPay’s enterprise-to-bank integration platform. 

A global provider of real-time solutions for cash management and payments control, Gresham required a partner that could help accelerate the adoption of those solutions within its corporate and financial institution client base for both UK and international payments. 

As part of the agreement, Gresham’s Clareti Multi Bank customers will be able to seamlessly connect with certain banks through the AccessPay platform via SWIFT. Gresham customers will also be able to access the breadth of AccessPay’s platform for connectors into UK payment schemes such as Bacs.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Gresham to help them meet their growth objectives in this evolving enterprise market-place," said Anish Kapoor, AccessPay CEO. "More and more businesses have the opportunity to develop service lines and overcome restrictions of existing systems and further software development. Gresham needed a partner that could work with their Clareti platform, to open up access to a full payment and connectivity suite. The AccessPay enterprise-to-bank integration platform provided that solution. The manual processes and bespoke, often costly, technology integrations of the past are being replaced at an expanding rate. At its heart is the emergence of connector platforms that deliver real-world enterprise-to-bank integration. This is enabling greater collaboration between financial organisations, and our partnership with Gresham is evidence of this.”

“As change in the payments landscape continues apace, our institutional cash management clients are asking for ever more efficient banking connectivity and easy access to multiple payment schemes, via secure and robust channels," commented Gresham CEO Ian Manocha. "Integrating AccessPay’s platform capabilities into the Clareti Multi Bank service enables our customers to have extensive reach into the world-wide banking community. Alongside technical fit, functionality and resilience, security was also high on our list of selection criteria when assessing potential partners. AccessPay’s platform, certified as it is with accreditations such as the SWIFT Customer Security Programme, fulfilled that essential security need. This partnership is an excellent example of collaboration between two respected FinTech’s and will bring rapid and tangible benefits to our clients.”

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