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The end of the dongle? The end of the token? ……. NOT YET

Citi has launched a new digital solution that eliminates the need for users to carry physical tokens for login. Clients can use an app-based soft token on their own smartphones to generate dynamic passcodes while delivering secure authentication and convenience.  The new login solution is available for Citi’s digital banking product suite including CitiDirect BE®, CitiDirect BE® Mobile and CitiDirect BE® Tablet. 

Old systems replaced

Traditionally, users were required to carry a physical hardware token to generate login passcodes to access their accounts and transactions. A separate physical token however is no longer necessary for clients with a smartphone. The new service combines faster logins and strong security to provide a more convenient omni-channel institutional banking experience.  For clients who do not have a smartphone, SMS and Voice One Time Code are also available.   

Download the app + additional security features

Accessing the service is quick and easy. Existing or new CitiDirect BE users can download the app on their smartphone on Google Play and from the App Store, Blackberry(R) World and Windows(R) Stores. Users can also employ additional mobile device security features, such as PIN, Swipe and Fingerprint ID, to further secure the service on their smartphones. 

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