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Treamo improve TFM cash flow forecasting platform with new tools

Cash flow forecasting comes solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Some are part of the TMS, others are part of a management planning platforms, e.g. John Galt’s demand planning, forecasting and S&OP platforms, and some are stand-alone forecasting systems for the corporate treasury department. CTMfile reviewed the stand-alone platform from Treamo Business Systems in June, 2016: Cash Flow Forecasting with TFM. Simplifying complexity and reach. All platform providers are constantly looking for new tweaks and facilities to make cash flow forecasting forecast easier and more effective.

A good example of continuous improvement is the solution from Treamo who have just released three new tools to improve their cash flow forecasting platform TFM:

  • Cash Flow Generator: Convert a budget into a cash flow forecast, applying freely definable parameters (e.g. effective terms of payment). Once data tables have been mapped, the automatically generated cash flows can be imported into TFM or any other system. It can also be used to generate payment schedules for recurring payments or schedules
  • FX Hedger: Identifies all payments in foreign currencies (all currencies other than the functional currency of the respective entities) and generates hedging proposals (group-internal forward transactions) based on given hedge ratios per currency pair. Further parameterization is available
  • Cash Flow Scenario Calculator: Offers a variety of simple, but also more complex options, depending on the specific requirements. Analysis and calculations are supported by features (charts, data comparison) that allow the immediate visualization of the impact of the application of individual scenarios. If the simulations result in changed cash flows, these can be automatically generated and imported into TFM.

CTMfile take: A key differentiator in cash flow forecasting systems/platforms is whether they are continually being improved as Treamo is doing with their TFM platform.

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