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Vital “How will you” questions for horrible 2019

How will you:

1.    Personally and your company help to slow down climate warming by:

2. Prepare for and move to real-time liquidity management?

3. Take advantage of the API revolution by:

4. Turn new regulations into opportunities rather than a drag on your operations by:

5. Minimise your geopolitical risks?

6. Take advantage and minimise the threat of artificial intelligence and machine learning by:

  • Using new TMS platforms, see?
  • AI, Cloud, RPA can cut up to 35% off finance costs, see?  

7. Move to a subscription business model?

8. Improve your Cashflow Forecasting with:

  • New practices and solutions, see

9. Prepare for the possible financial crash in 2020?

10. Minimise fraud by:

  • Using global databases, see 

11. Maximise your payments and collections efficiency by:

  • Using omnichannel payment platforms, see

12. Cutting out late payments by:

  •   Adopting the Previse platform, see

13. Improve your quality of life by:

  • Spending more time with your loved ones?
  • Managing your bosses?
  • Spending time on the right things, rather than just being efficient?

CTMfile take: Hope you survive and prosper in 2019.

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