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Your customers will pay your bills via Apple’s Siri and other mobile phones

Corporates need to prepare for increasing use of mobile phones and Apps to support their clients’ day-to-day money management. 

Using Siri to pay your bills with the RBC Mobile app

Who doesn't wish they had an assistant to pay their bills? Thanks to an update to the RBC Mobile app, Royal Bank of Canada personal banking clients are now the first in Canada who can ask Siri to pay their bills on iPhone and iPad.

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RBC claim that, “Paying your bills using Siri is simple. Once you give the voice command, Siri will confirm the name from your payee list and the RBC Mobile app automatically debits your account and sends the payment. The payment is secure and protected by TouchID.”

Sending money through Apple’s iMessage

And, “Sending an Interac e-Transfer payment is just as simple. Clients simply type the amount of money they’d like to send to their contact in the iMessage window, and authenticate the transfer using TouchID.”

RBC strategy

RBC strategy is to develop simple and innovative ways for clients to make payments and bank with their mobile devices. "By offering bill payments through Siri and P2P transfers through iMessage, we’re providing more convenient solutions to support our client’s payment needs," said Sean Amato-Gauci, executive vice-president, Cards, Payments and Banking, RBC. "Our clients are avid users of Interac e-Transfer payments, and embraced our launch of money transfers using Siri earlier this year. By giving clients the ability to seamlessly and conveniently bank using voice commands, we’re delivering simple and innovative solutions."

CTMfile take: Are you ready for many of your bill payments to be initated from mobile phone Apps? Are you ready for much/most? of these payments being by faster payments/immediate payment systems?

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