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Investing Short-Medium Term Surpluses


The main types of cash surplus are: Short Term Cash - 1-30 day surpluses (including daily and overnight), Medium Term Cash - 1-9 month surpluses, and Long Term Cash - 9+ months to many year…

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Cash & Liquidity Management

Citi extends Common Depository Services to Asia Pacific

Citi has extended its Common Depository services to Asia Pacific following the appointment by Euroclear Bank and Clearstream, the International Securities Depositories (ICSDs), to provide sub-


The best way to manage Repos

In the 'Investing in Repos' session at the ACT's Cash Management conference last week, Repos were described as maximising the return from an under utilized asset. Repos typically need to be £10m or more in either US

Cash & Liquidity Management

Bloomberg launches liquidity capture service for U.S. Equities

Bloomberg provides access to its U.S. equity pool as part of a new service called Bloomberg Pool, or BPool. Developed in conjunction with BIDS Trading, BPool enables traders to interact with liquidity present on Blo

Cash & Liquidity Management

Bloomberg launches real-time industry research platform

Bloomberg has launched a global portal providing interactive, continuously updated industry research and data from a team of more than 100 professionals. Bloomberg Industries (BI) will cover over 100 industries in N