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Working Capital Management


Total Working Capital Management is the optimization of every aspect of every process, every system and every structure across the entire supply chain, as the figure below shows. Total Working…

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Working Capital Management

Monetizing inventory and receivables

Samuel Matthew's, head of solutions structuring, transaction banking, at Standard Chartered, article in The Asset magazine highlighted several key features in monetizing inventory and receivables

Working Capital Management

Keep your relentless eye on Working Capital Management

The gains companies made a few years ago have stalled according to REL, reflecting the difficulty of improving processes throughout the company. Now we are coming out of the worst of the recession, beware of:

Working Capital Management

EU Payment Terms – an update

We're nearly at the final hurdle for directive 2011/7/EU. The deadline for implementation is 16 March 2013 and so far most countries look to be transposing the directive exactly in the form suggested by the EU Commi

Working Capital Management

Numerex launches Supply Chain Solutions Portfolio

Numerix Inc. launched their horizontal, Supply Chain Management solutions portfolio, which enables enterprise customers to optimize their inventory management.