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67 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin's price, the virtual currency that uses Distributed Ledger Technology, is once again on a roller coast as it adjusts to market pressures, as this Bitcoin.com chart on 16 January 2018 at 19:00 hours shows:

Source & Copyright©2018 - Bitcoin.com

To understand the background as to what is happening with Bitcon. take a look at the infographic, created by the team behind BitcoinPlay, that illustrates in detail some interesting facts about this ridiculously popular virtual currency.

10 Years of the world with Bitcoin - 67 insane facts infographic (first part)

Source & Copyright©2018 - BitcoinPlay

(For remainder of infographic see. )

CTMfile take: There is a huge amount of work contained here. Definitely worth a browse. But the problem with any tabulation on Bitcoin, it goes out of date very quickly, but if you want to understand the background to Bitcoin, this is a good place to start.

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