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The large majority of the work in a corporate treasury department is administration, transaction processing and non-discretionary decision making. This absorbs most of the time and resources in the…

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Regulators in the spotlight: more transparency needed?

With banks under unprecedented scrutiny from regulators and facing fines of $87 billion in 2014 alone, should regulators also be more transparent in their stress testing and bank assessments?


Regulatory update from the EACT

The EACT's July report on European regulatory issues that affect corporate treasurers, including EMIR, Financial Transaction Tax and bank structural separation, is now available online.


EC presents plan to fight corporate tax avoidance

The European Commission yesterday presented its action plan for fairer corporate taxation, suggesting that the fight against corporate tax avoidance is a problem it is taking seriously.


ESMA says MiFID II proposals to be refined

ESMA is trying to find compromises and will react cautiously, paying attention to varying market opinions on certain proposal within Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).