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The large majority of the work in a corporate treasury department is administration, transaction processing and non-discretionary decision making. This absorbs most of the time and resources in the…

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Pension funds exempt from EMIR clearing for two more years

The European Commission (EC) has adopted an amendment to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), to exempt pension funds in Europe from mandatory clearing of derivatives trades for a further two years.


Fatca comes in for tough criticism

Dubbed “an American tax nightmare", a financial advisory calls for US senators to put Fatca on the political agenda and says more must urgently be done to repeal the act.


IASB amends IFRS for SMEs

The IASB has issued limited amendments to the International Financial Reporting Standard for SMEs.


Is automation friend or foe for corporate treasury?

Robotic technology is enhancing our professional lives and easing our burdens. But how long before technology automates us out of a job? It's a serious concern for corporate treasury.


Benefits of IFRS adoption in Japan apply globally

A press release about the voluntary adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by companies in Japan has wider significance for all companies, wherever they operate.