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Total Working Capital


Total Working Capital Management is the optimization of every aspect of every process, every system and every structure across the entire supply chain, as the figure below shows. Total Working…

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Working Capital Management

Working Capital Benchmarks

by Brian Shanahan, Founder & CEO , Informita

Apples versus apples? Not really

Collecting Payments on the Internet

E-commerce: the search for total digital solution = wrong target

by CTMfile

DHL, Basware, banks, fintechs and corporates are all putting together their complete e-commerce solution, when they should be aiming for a truly omnichannel solution combining digital and traditional: McKinsey&Co

Working Capital Management

US companies’ debt up more than 50% since 2009

by CTMfile

US corporate debt has increased steadily while working capital performance has deteriorated since the financial crisis, according to a working capital survey by REL.

Cash & Liquidity Management

Three trends affecting capital flows in the EU

by CTMfile

The European Commission has published a document giving a summary of the main developments regarding freedom of payments in the EU.

Payments - Receipts

Seven tips for a happier financial supply chain

by CTMfile

The relationship between supplier and buyer is a delicate balance involving trust and transparency. What can suppliers do to ensure their goods and services are paid for on time?


Alternative funding could signal shift in IPO activity

by CTMfile

The number of global IPOs in 2015 fell by 2% to 1,218 IPO listings, while total capital raised declined by 25% to $195.5 billion, according to EY's report, Global IPO Trends: 2015 4Q.